Tao Te King

Tao Te King

Whoever wants to save hea­ven, he pro­tects it through love.”

The “Tao te king” of the legen­da­ry Lao Tzu, which ori­gi­na­ted around three thousand years ago, is an inex­haus­ti­ble book of wis­dom pre­cise­ly in its apho­ri­stic bre­vi­ty. His cen­tral figu­re, the one cal­led, lives in tune with the Tao, the “mea­ning” of the uni­ver­se, by “not acting” and kee­ping away from world­ly activi­ty. Beyond Tao­ism, the book is also capa­ble of direct­ly addres­sing today’s Western readers.
The trans­la­ti­on is by Richard Wil­helm (1873 — 1930), one of the most important media­tors of Chi­ne­se thought in the West. The trans­la­ti­ons of the pro­fes­sor of sino­lo­gy are uni­que.


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