Feng Huang Bronze Bell

FHY Bron­ze Bell Prac­tice

Learning to move, resto­re & pre­ser­ve life ener­gy (Qi) is essen­ti­al for phy­si­cal and emo­tio­nal health. The Bron­ze Bell is a medi­ta­ti­ve sta­te which the body expe­ri­en­ces “spon­ta­neous move­ments” dri­ven by the body’s inter­nal flow of Qi. The stan­ding Bron­ze Bell prac­tice is renow­ned for its 1,500-year histo­ry and remar­kab­le healing abi­li­ty.

Regu­lar FHY Bron­ze Bell prac­tice will rapid­ly expand your ener­gy (Qi) field to:

  • Acce­le­ra­te your body’s natu­ral healing pro­cess
  • Heal dif­fi­cult-to-dia­gno­se & chro­nic ill­nesses
  • Relie­ve phy­si­cal and emo­tio­nal pain
  • Streng­t­hen the immu­ne system
  • Resol­ve fear, anxie­ty, stress, anger and depres­si­on
  • Deto­xi­fy the body and opti­mi­se body weight
  • Heal addiction(s)
  • Trans­form rela­ti­onships at home and work
  • Under­stand kar­ma and heal her­edita­ry illness(es)
  • Join the inna­te intel­li­gence of your body with Earth ener­gy & Uni­ver­sal Qi

In addi­ti­on to the stan­ding Bron­ze Bell prac­tice, we will prac­tice the other sin­gle-postu­re methods: sit­ting, cross-leg­ged, kne­e­ling and lying down.

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