Evening Healing Therapy

What is the Evening Healing The­ra­py?

Healing the­ra­py is dif­fe­rent from phy­si­cal the­ra­py that usual­ly requi­res the use of instru­ments.

Func­tion and Mea­ning of Evening Healing The­ra­py

  1. Eli­mi­na­te the “dust” (toxins accu­mu­la­ted) from the day­ti­me: 10pm is the best time to get rid of the nega­ti­ve lung ener­gy.
  2. Lung should avo­id over­crow­ded Qi the­re­fo­re you need to clean­se bad Qi and clean your lung. A healt­hy lung bene­fits five/six organs of heart, lung, spleen, kid­ney, liver and Peri­car­di­um Meri­di­an as well as its cor­re­spon­ding small inte­sti­ne, lar­ge inte­sti­ne, sto­mach, blad­der, gall blad­der and San­Jiao (The Chi­ne­se calls them “Five/Six Zang and Six Fu).
  3. Hai Shi”, 9 to 11pm in the evening is the last hour in the Chi­ne­se “12 hour” time system. It cor­re­sponds to the Hand ShaoYangS­an­Jiao­Jing (one of the 12 meri­di­an chan­nels, or cal­led San­Jiao­Jing (Trip­le Ener­gi­zer), it belongs to upper, midd­le and lower bur­ners, i.e., the head, tho­rax and abdo­men whe­re essen­ti­al ener­gy, digested food and body liquid cir­cu­la­te.

Ever­y­day in “Hai Shi” from 9 to 11 pm, all your ener­gy and blood enter and cir­cu­la­te in San­Jiao And Peri­car­di­um Meri­di­an, rela­ted to your eyes, ears, lung and dia­phragmgo­ver­ning all ener­gy in our body and smoot­hing all meri­di­an chan­nel flow. At this time, all ener­gy and blood are gathe­ring in San­Jiao and Yin ener­gy is abundant. Drink less water and get ready to sleep in order to main­tain the calm sta­te in all organs so that the body can rest and recup­era­te. Many elders who live up to 100 years sha­re this com­mon habit which is going to bed at “Hai Shi”.  The­re is an anci­ent say­ing: “Hai Shi pro­mo­tes well­ness, San­Jiao is well cir­cu­la­ted, and all ill­nesses can be pre­ven­ted”.

Ten Move­ments:

1 —   Shaking who­le body Gent­ly

2 —   Dischar­ging Toxin out of Kid­neys

3 —   Striking Zhong­Fu Point in the Upper Chest

4 —   Joy­ful­ly Pat­ting ShanZhong Point

5 —   Shoul­der and Arm Care

6 —   For­ti­fy­ing Wrist with Three Fin­gers

7 —   Swin­ging Arms with Hol­low Fist

8 —   Rub­bing Waist and Vita­li­zing Kid­neys

9 —  Gent­ly Tap­ping Gall Blad­der Meri­di­an

10 —   Tip­ping Toes in Back­ward-Step­ping


Atten­ti­ve Items:

  1. The best time to prac­tice the “Evening Healing The­ra­py”: 9:00pm to 10:30pm during Chi­ne­se Hai Shi hour (9pm to 11pm).
  2. During Chi­ne­se Zi Shi hour (11 pm to 1am the next morning), you should not prac­tice the “Evening Healing The­ra­py”.
  3. You may prac­tice the “Evening Healing The­ra­py” during the day­ti­me. This prac­tice should not exceed three time a day (for full set), but if prac­ticing one or few sec­tions, the fre­quen­cy can be increa­sed.

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