Energy Transmissions

Feng Huang Yuan (FHYEner­gy Healing Trans­mis­si­ons - Gene­ral Intro­duc­tion


A Uni­que Type of Ener­gy Healing


The essence of Chi­ne­se cul­tu­re lies in its under­stan­ding of the oneness bet­ween humans and the uni­ver­se. FHY ener­gy trans­mis­si­ons are uni­que becau­se they con­nect healing the phy­si­cal ill­nesses of the body with the healing of the soul.


In addi­ti­on to the daily prac­tices which focus on cul­ti­vating the health of the body, as the con­du­its of the uni­ver­se, FHY Grand­ma­ster Da Tong and Masters bring about spe­cial ener­ge­tic healing methods.


The­se pure ener­gies bring about healing from the source of phy­si­cal and soul ill­nesses which may be par­ti­cu­lar­ly stubborn. This means that inju­ries, ill­nesses and distur­ban­ces are resol­ved at a root level. Through the­se spe­ci­fic and con­cre­te methods of trans­mis­si­on, peop­le who are ill can bring on a hea­vy-hear­ted­ness, and will recei­ve deep level healing in both body and soul.


This for­mat faci­li­ta­tes pure ener­gy to prac­titio­ners and atten­dants to recei­ve healing from the heart of the uni­ver­se. As part of the uni­ver­se, we humans are always in an exchan­ge with the uni­ver­se through the ener­gy pas­sa­ge­ways and ope­nings of the body (i.e. meri­di­an chan­nels, acup­unc­tu­re points), through our soul, thoughts, emo­ti­ons and deeds.


In FHY, we can recei­ve high qua­li­ty ener­gy through ener­gy healing trans­mis­si­ons. Every ener­gy healing trans­mis­si­on is spe­ci­fic. For examp­le, the­re are healings to streng­t­hen the func­tions of the organs, to clear the sta­gna­ti­on and phy­si­cal pains of the body, and to resol­ve soul issu­es. During this pro­cess, FHY Grand­ma­ster and Masters’ func­tion as anten­nas who are able to relay uni­ver­sal healing ener­gy simul­ta­neous­ly to thousands of par­ti­ci­pants.


Sin­ce the 1990’s, FHY’s foun­der Grand­ma­ster Da Tong has con­duc­ted the­se types of lar­ge-sca­le ener­gy healing trans­mis­si­ons in Chi­na and glo­bal­ly. During his time in Chi­na, the Chi­ne­se government hono­u­red him by asking him to con­duct the­se trans­mis­si­ons to peop­le throug­hout 16 pro­vin­ces. He was sent spe­ci­al­ly to visit are­as whe­re the­re were no hospi­tals or hospi­tals with only a few doc­tors.


This year, Grand­ma­ster Da Tong has been suc­cess­ful­ly accom­plished 7 various FHY Retre­ats in Asia and Euro­pe, inclu­ding fun­da­men­tal cour­ses and Alche­mi­cal cour­ses.


Now, Grand­ma­ster Da Tong is com­ing to Syd­ney, to con­duct a series of FHY well­being activi­ties inclu­ding two ele­va­ted Ener­gy Healing Trans­mis­si­on work­shops and a 4-day FHY 2018 Well­ness Syd­ney Retre­at!

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