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Feng Huang Yuan resto­res the emo­tio­nal, men­tal, phy­si­cal health and balan­ce. It leads the stu­dents on an inten­se and deep level to under­stan­ding the kar­ma, rein­car­na­ti­on, health and soul. The tea­chings are based on the wis­dom of the 8,000-year-old Eastern phi­lo­so­phies. Pas­sed by wise and anci­ent cul­tures around the world, as well as the new trans­mis­si­ons of the uni­ver­se.

  • Datong Shi Zün
  • FHY Semi­na­re
  • Feng Huang Bron­zeglocke
  • Wol­ken­rei­sen
  • Schü­ler in Hong­kong
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Feng Huang Yuan Zen Tea Meditation

The high-ener­gy FHY Zen tea is based on anci­ent tea drin­king cul­tu­re. It gives us a key strength and health for body and soul to achie­ve and clear the mind.

Book Recommendations

Mila­re­pa was born in western Tibet in the pro­vin­ce of Gungt­hang. Accord­ing to tra­di­ti­on, his father died when he was seven, and Mila­re­pa and his mother came under the care of evil-min­­ded rela­ti­ves. The­re they were trea­ted so…

Liao Fan
Liao Fan

Liao Fan — The Four Les­sons of Life In 1603, Chi­ne­se offi­ci­al and scho­l­ar Liao-Fan Yuan wro­te a small book for his son. The explana­ti­ons should gui­de him on the right path and make him as suc­cess­ful a man as his father. Howe­ver, due…

Tao Te King
Tao Te King

Whoever wants to save hea­ven, he pro­tects it through love.” The “Tao te king” of the legen­da­ry Lao Tzu, which ori­gi­na­ted around three thousand years ago, is an inex­haus­ti­ble book of wis­dom pre­cise­ly in its apho­ri­stic bre­vi­ty…

Energy Transmissions
A Unique Type of Energy Healing

The essence of Chi­ne­se cul­tu­re lies in its under­stan­ding of the oneness bet­ween humans and the uni­ver­se. FHY ener­gy trans­mis­si­ons are uni­que becau­se they con­nect healing the phy­si­cal ill­nesses of the body with the healing of the soul.

In addi­ti­on to the daily prac­tices which focus on cul­ti­vating the health of the body, as the con­du­its of the uni­ver­se,  Datong Shi Zun brings about spe­cial ener­ge­tic healing methods.

The­se pure ener­gies bring about healing from the source of phy­si­cal and soul ill­nesses which may be par­ti­cu­lar­ly stubborn. This means that inju­ries, ill­nesses and distur­ban­ces are resol­ved at a root level. Through the­se spe­ci­fic and con­cre­te methods of trans­mis­si­on, peop­le who are ill can bring on a hea­vy-hear­ted­ness, and will recei­ve deep level healing in both body and soul.

This for­mat faci­li­ta­tes pure ener­gy to prac­titio­ners and atten­dants to recei­ve healing from the heart of the uni­ver­se. As part of the uni­ver­se, we humans are always in an exchan­ge with the uni­ver­se through the ener­gy pas­sa­ge­ways and ope­nings of the body (i.e. meri­di­an chan­nels, acup­unc­tu­re points), through our soul, thoughts, emo­ti­ons and deeds.

In FHY, we can recei­ve high qua­li­ty ener­gy through ener­gy healing trans­mis­si­ons. Every ener­gy healing trans­mis­si­on is spe­ci­fic. For examp­le, the­re are healings to streng­t­hen the func­tions of the organs, to clear the sta­gna­ti­on and phy­si­cal pains of the body, and to resol­ve soul issu­es. During this pro­cess, FHY Grand­ma­ster and Masters’ func­tion as anten­nas who are able to relay uni­ver­sal healing ener­gy simul­ta­neous­ly to thousands of par­ti­ci­pants.

Instant Respon­ses of the Body and the Soul

Many par­ti­ci­pants’ health, fami­ly situa­ti­ons, emo­tio­nal sta­te and psy­cho­lo­gi­cal sta­tes have often found a tur­ning point during the­se ener­gy healing trans­mis­si­ons. Most par­ti­ci­pants can feel the enor­mous impact of the ‘Qi’ (the life force wit­hin). Some­ti­mes the sen­sa­ti­on of the ‘Qi’ is com­for­ta­ble, other times it is uncom­for­ta­ble. The­se types of healing respon­ses can be dis­cer­ned eit­her on the phy­si­cal or spi­ri­tu­al level as:

• A com­for­ta­ble fee­ling of warmth and ting­ling
• Spon­ta­neous move­ment of mus­cles, joints and organs
• Tearing from the eyes, swea­ting and yaw­ning
• Various sym­ptoms of deto­xi­fi­ca­ti­on of the body and soul
• See­ing colours and pic­tures
• Sud­den appearan­ce of cer­tain emo­ti­ons such as sad­ness, anger, joy or blissful­ness, or a deep sen­se of peace, fee­lings of gre­at love for all living beings
• Sud­den decrea­se or disap­pearan­ce of pain

Com­mon Topics of Lar­ge Sca­le Ener­gy Healing Trans­mis­si­ons of Datong Shi Zun

Healing of the Body:

  • Pain Reli­ef
  • Heart and Soul Sta­bi­li­za­ti­on and cal­ming
  • Deto­xi­fi­ca­ti­on and Weight adjust­ment
  • Regu­la­ti­on of Respi­ra­to­ry System, Blood Pres­su­re, Blood Sugar, Cir­cu­la­to­ry System
  • Addic­tion Healing
  • Extra­or­di­na­ry Bre­at­h­ing Activation(through pores, acup­unc­tu­re points, etc)

Healing of the Soul:

  • Healing Nega­ti­ve Emo­ti­ons
  • Redu­cing Stress, Depres­si­on, and Fear
  • Soul Clean­sing, Healing Nega­ti­ve Soul Expe­ri­en­ces
  • Soul Retrie­val, Cal­ming and Streng­the­ning
  • Healing Over­whel­med Souls
  • Sin­ging Cele­sti­al Songs for Body, Heart and Soul
Datong Shi Zun

The Heart in the heaven, the heaven in the Heart

Datong Shi Zun is from Wenz­hou, Sou­the­ast Chi­na. In Chi­na, he is regar­ded as one of the out­stan­ding Qi-Gong grand­ma­sters and also in the western world he has beco­me known in recent years. Sin­ce his emi­gra­ti­on to the United Sta­tes in 1995, Grand­ma­ster Datong has spread the tea­chings and insights about the uni­ver­se among his Western stu­dents. He con­ducts lar­ge-sca­le healing ener­gy trans­mis­si­ons and various retre­ats all over the world a few times a year. Each time, the healings have pro­ven to be very suc­cess­ful. In the­se types of trans­mis­si­ons and retre­ats, the participant’s self-healing is able to activa­te or to pro­ceed at an acce­le­ra­ted rate.  The par­ti­ci­pants at such healing gathe­rings usual­ly come from all across the coun­try and are gene­ral­ly medi­ta­ti­on enthu­si­asts and others see­king a healing path and spi­ri­tu­al cul­ti­va­ti­on gui­d­ance.

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